Innovators 3

16 November 2013 > 15 December 2013

IMAGE > Paula Doepfner (SuperKaleidoscope), For You I have been absent in the Spring, ice, thistles, bush, glass, ink on paper, metal Photograph > David Marks.

Be bold

Art is often made with the intention of lasting forever, if not physically then at least by being recorded in history. In spite of postmodern attempts to deconstruct such a notion it remains valid for artists to strive to have their work gain perpetuity by entering a museum collection or to be recorded significantly in print.

Innovators 3 at Linden comprises of artists presenting a contradistinction through their celebration of the fleeting and the ephemeral. Rather than representing or preserving moments in time, the artists of Innovators 3 focus on the passing of time; or its physical or mental consequences –from disintegration, decay and death to memory, and how memories are distorted or discarded. Each of these exhibitions deal with frailty, transience and the bleak side of human nature. The artists included in Innovators 3 are Santina Amato, Michael Carolan, Daniel Price, Peter Thomas, and SuperKaleidoscope, comprising of Kim Fasher and Sarah Mosca.

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