Like Mike

18 May 2013 > Sunday 7 July 2013

IMAGE > Nick Selenitsch & Alex Selenitsch, Slow Response, 2013, QR Code, dimensions variable. Photography > John Brash

Be bold

Linden Centre of Contemporary Arts presents an ambitious homage to Australian artist Mike Brown (1938-1997). Brown challenged the art world through periods of pornographic collage to political satire and commentary. Like Mike, Now What?? is a unique collaborative project and spreads across five Melbourne galleries. It is a celebration of his life and work and the impact Brown continues to have on the next generation of artists.

Like Mike Now What?? includes sprawling site-specific installation, paintings, collage, appropriation and collaboration by eight Melbourne artists. There is Fergus Binns' meditations on appropriation to Paul Yore's libidinous carnivalesque environments; Jan Lucas's meticulous embroideries; Simon Pericichs's piles of precious junk; Trevelyan Clay & Kate Smith's elastic collaborative paintings and father son team Alex and Nick Selenitsch's personal tribute to their friend and mentor, Mike Brown.

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