Alternating Current Art Space


28 November 2019 > 19 January 2020
Opening: Thursday 28 November 2019 at 6-8PM

Image: Alternating Current Art Space, Coalescence [installation view], 2019.
Image courtesy of the artists & Alternating Current Art Space.
Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville.

Be brave

Drawn together through friendship and a natural affinity to collaborate, Coalescence explores the idea of connection via the work of six artists. Featuring the work of Annette Chang, Kate Wallace, Nanou Dupuis, Naomi Nichols, Polly Hollyoak and Sarah Randall, the exhibition brings together the distinct practices of these artists for the first time.

Based on the merging of elements to form one mass or whole, the importance of artistic exchange and the possibilities that can emerge through difference is emphasised despite the incredibly diverse and separate practices of all six artists. The exhibition looks to examine the nature of connection and how friendships can lead to fruitful and inspired outcomes. From the vividly painted works of Nichols to the subdued colour palette of Randall, Coalescence gives insight into the relationships of Melbourne’s eclectic art scene.