Amanda Bromfield

STOP yells the koala in a desperate attempt to stop the tractor and halt the destruction of his home.

Bromfield uses clay as a platform to narrate stories that create awareness about the deforestation of native forests and the continuing loss of biodiversity. STOP depicts the very real and ongoing issue of Australia’s native forest destruction and the loss of koala habitat.

Bromfield has employed irony and anthropomorphism to create a dark and satirical artwork about the failings of humanity and our contemporary society’s inability to protect our unique native fauna and flora. Protest and activism are hall marks of Bromfield's environmental consciousness-raising art practise. Her installations provide a springboard for environmentalism and a platform within the gallery space to enable greater public awareness about environmental issues.


Amanda Bromfield lives and works on the land of the Bunjalung Nation in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. She makes koala sculptures. Her ceramics celebrate the beauty and impermanence of this unique and almost extinct indigenous species. She makes koala artwork specifically to educate people about the effects of human actions on natural ecosystems; in particular deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

As an activist artist Bromfield dresses as a koala and protests in the public domain. Her studio practices are as sustainable as possible. Her work is low fired and often once fired to reduce natural resource usage.

In 2019 Bromfield graduated with a Master of Fine Art, and has been a finalist in several significant Art Prizes, including the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, The North Queensland Ceramic Awards and others. Her work is held in several regional galleries and private collections.

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IMAGE > Amanda Bromfield in her studio. Image courtesy of the artist.