Cinda Manins

This artwork presents a series of trophies that elevate and explore some of the qualities of Leadership required to guide Humanity through environmental crises to a stable and secure planet home. The qualities I have represented here are:
Integrity,  Respect, Honesty, Courage, Communication, Authenticity, Resilience, and Resourcefulness.

Of course the Leadership qualities list continues with Compassion, Humility, Humour, Sincerity, Vision and more - all possibilities for future work.

The trophy form and use of porcelain in these works is intended to elevate the qualities each work represents through its appearance of purity. The marbled clay and classical forms of the column trophies is a reference to ancient civilisations where philosophers first explored and noted human dilemmas and laid down existential frameworks for us to explore questions of ways of being and knowing.

There are many people working on amazing projects to mitigate climate change, species extinction, habitat protection and recovery, ocean protection, and the many other threats to our planet. It is interesting to note that power and leadership qualities are not always paired.

Think about our most prominent world Leaders - do you see these qualities in them?
The answer is sometimes confronting.
Which leaders have these qualities?


Cinda is a visual artist and independant creative producer who grew up in Bayside Melbourne. She is a perpetual student, pursuing both formal and informal education to develop technical and academic skills.  She has founded and operated a cafe/bar/restaurant and two ARI Galleries. She is mum to 2 adult children and is rarely without her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby.

Cinda has been a resident artist at Gasworks Arts Park since 2019, practicing hand built ceramics, sometimes incorporating textiles, paper, metal and digital projection. Her narratives are philosophical, exploring concepts of temporality, permanence and impermanence, and the relationship of humanity to the earth. The construction of each ceramic piece is guided by the qualities of the material, the philosophies of Humanism and Wabi-sabi.

Cinda is currently working on a yearlong community engagement project with Kangan TAFE, that will result in three significant ceramic installations. She is a founding member of Clay Matters and has works in the Art Gallery of Ballarat and private collections.

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IMAGE > Cinda Manins in her studio. Image courtesy of the artist.