Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Climate change will bring uncertainty to many aspects of our lives and adaption and how we respond will be important. The occurrence of flooding events and increasing high temperatures frequently affect the growing of crops and therefore threatens food security.

If worldwide action is taken now there may still be a window of opportunity to slow down the increase of CO2 emissions.

My work ‘Memento (un)known’ references the issue of diversity in regard to fruit growing. Farmers have always selected fruit types for specific soil conditions, rainfall and temperature. Climate change will challenge the development of varieties suitable to grow in a warmer and /or wetter future.

I aim to evoke memories and a sense of feeling of loss one may experience in coming to terms with such changes but my work will also present an expression of hope that it will be possible for us to adjust to a new climate reality.


Lene grew up in Denmark and studied ceramics for 4 years. She worked at potteries in Denmark and Norway before arriving in Australia in 1985. Having shared studio spaces in Melbourne Lene was able to established a home studio in 1992. It is equipped with an electric kiln to fire stoneware and porcelain clays.

Lene uses the pottery wheel for creating works which are influenced by Scandinavian design traditions. Glazes with satiny finishes, decorations and subtle colours enhance the unique shape of each piece.

Lene has exhibited widely in Australia in solo and group exhibitions. Subjects concerning nature and environmental issues often feature in Lene’s exhibition works.  

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IMAGE > Lene Kuhl Jakobsen in her studio. Image courtesy of the artist.