Lucille Martin


21 April > 29 May 2022
Tuesday to Sunday, 11AM > 4PM

Comprising photographic documentation captured between 2018 and 2021, while Artist in resident at Bundanon Trust, NSW, RIGHT FIRE explores 'good fire' practice hosted by Indigenous Firesticks Alliance facilitated by Mudjingaalbarag community and convened at Bundanon Trust on Gumea Dharawal Country, NSW.

In 2018 Martin was invited to observe fire initiatives by Bundanon whilst artist in residence and welcomed by the local custodians, where she witnessed ‘good fire’ being introduced into the landscape as preparation in the lead up to the for the First National Indigenous fire workshop ever held outside of Cape York and the 10th National Indigenous Workshop on Gumea Dharawal Country, South Coast NSW.

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IMAGE > [Top] Lucille Martin, FIRE Series – Fire Circle Burrawang Night, 2018, large-format photograph print on Archival Canson Matte paper, 118 x 84cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.
IMAGE > Lucille Martin, FIRE Series – Fire Circle Burrawang, 2018, large-format photograph print on Archival Canson Matte paper, 118 x 84cm.
Image courtesy of the artist

IMAGE > Lucille Martin, FIRE Series – Right Fire Healing, 2018, large-format photograph print on Archival Canson Matte paper, 118 x 84cm.
Image courtesy of the artist.

Martin’s immersive large format works explore her passion for our natural environment contributing to the wide reaching changes underway to save Country and restore damage incurred by climate change while generating significant environmental, social and cultural benefits in the process. Martin firmly believes Indigenous custodians hold the link in our fight against the climate crisis.

Martin’s passion to share the visual experience of the Cultural Burn practice became more relevant once she learnt that the areas in which the program was administered were unaffected by the devastating Black Summer fires. Her photography highlights the importance of Indigenous-lead programs and initiatives in managing land and healing our environment. RIGHT FIRE* draws attention to a positive association towards fire, its documentation inspired and reflective of Martin’s exposure to First Nations knowledges embedded in reading the land, soil and fire circles.

Right fire' and 'good fire' play an essential role in managing and reducing the fuel load of wildfires whilst nourishing and enriching the land, benefitting plants and animals and promoting biodiversity. RIGHT FIRE steers away from lingering European narratives that present Fire as a destructive force, instead, positioning Fire as a symbol of regeneration and hope when managed under Indigenous Custodians who know Country.

Lucille Martin, 2022

IMAGE > Lucille Martin,  FIRE Series – Right Fire Sparks Gentle Flight [detail], 2018, large-format photograph print on Archival Canson Matte paper, 118 x 84cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

With a career spanning 25 years, Lucille Martin is an established Australian contemporary artist whose multidisciplinary practice integrates iPhoneography, photo-media, textile and performance to explore themes related to the natural land physical landscape, the social psyche and deep ecology. For Martin, her application of iPhone-capture acts as an extension of the body in a merging of performative and documentary practices she captures images while walking the Australian landscape. 

Martin has received significant awards including four Australia Council for the Arts grants, a career fellowship from Department of Culture and the Arts, West Australian and peer-awarded residencies in Tokyo, New York and Australia. Her program of work encompasses curatorial practice, community development, higher education and policy advocacy.

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IMAGE >  Lucille Martin, 2021 during Artist in Residency at Bundanon Trust, NSW.  Image courtesy of the artist. 

Lucille Martin received permission to use the words ‘Right Fire’ a term developed by Victor Steffensen, Indigenous filmmaker and Fire Practitioner, descendant of the Tagalaka Nation of North Queensland, in his book Fire Country, 2020. Victor’s video and books will be available for purchase during the exhibition duration.

Lucille pays respect to Indigenous Firesticks Alliance, Walbunja - Murramarrang- Yuin Elder Uncle Noel Webster,  Ado Webster Wandrawandian - Walbunja Fire Practitioner and Jacob Chant Morris, Kurial Yuin - Gumea Dharrawal Fire Practitioner, Victor Steffensen, Indigenous filmmaker, Fire Practitioner and Co-founder of Indigenous Firesticks Alliance, descendant of the Tagalaka Nation of North Queensland, Dr. Peta-Marie Standley, Indigenous Firesticks Alliance, research and training manager for permission to share these images taken in line with good fire practice, acknowledgement and protocol. In preparation for this exhibition Lucille acknowledges Dr. Rosalie Chapple, BSc PhD, Adviser & Board of, Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute, for her invaluable and generous direction and academic guidance, Urban Shoemakers and Fitzgerald Photo Imaging for their critical product support.

"Firesticks supported Elder Uncle Noel Webster and Traditional Custodians of Mudjingaalbaraga, whose Country appears in these images in the revival of Good Fire practice on Gumea Dharawal Country in the lead up to and in delivery of the 10th National Indigenous Workshop, South Coast, NSW, 2018. Firesticks pay respect to Country and Cultural lore of Traditional Custodians. We acknowledge our Elders who have led us in the right way along our path. Wherever we go, we must respect the lore of that Country and the Traditional Custodians of that place. We serve under their guidance and leadership to care for Country. Firesticks also pay our respects to the Kuku Thaypan Elders, the late Dr George Musgrave and the late Dr Tommy George, with Victor Steffensen, Mulong for their Fire knowledge. We acknowledge the strength and work of all First Nations people in advancing the maintenance and revival of Cultural Fire on their lands and work to support their efforts.” 

Dr Peta Standley, 2021

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