the escape


featuring Mariya Alipieva, Natalia Carminati, Alejandra de la Torre, Alexander Grahovsky, Ayman Kaake,
Kate Lambe, Lemon Chicken Por Favor, Anna Révész, Anna García Solana, Andree van Schaik

23 March > 23 April 2023

Fire Escape Contemporary Art presents The Escape, an exhibition curated by Anna García Solana featuring ten artworks by ten artists in commemoration of Fire Escape’s tenth anniversary.

The Escape showcases the creative practices of ten artists from Australia and Europe, whose work, whilst diverse in attitude and form, shares the symbolic subject of the fire escape. Drawing upon each artist’s unique interpretative response to the theme, The Escape harnesses the transformative process of meaning-making through the language of art.

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Please note > we apologise for any inconvenience, the Linden Projects Space is not wheelchair accessible.

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IMAGE > [Top] Ayman Kaake, Wind on my veil, 2022, video, 2 min. Image courtesy of the artist. > [above] Mariya Alipieva, A building on fire, 2022. Porcelain, lacquered aluminium and stainless steel wire, 21 x 26 x 125 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

IMAGE > Anna Révész, Dream Escape, 2022. Archival Inkjet Print, 210 x 297mm. Image courtesy of the artist.

Bringing together international and interdisciplinary perspectives spanning painting, photography, video, sculpture, screen printing, collage and installation, The Escape is a multi-faceted celebration of the rich variety of contemporary art practice today, reflecting the spirit of Fire Escape Contemporary Art and its mission to support creative development through conversation, critical thinking, and community.

Metaphorically and subjectively, the fire escape has infinite meanings. In the exhibition, the connotation of the fire escape extends beyond freedom and escape, connecting with concepts of chaos, fire, order, new and old, revolution and reversal, change, transition, difference. A place to reflect, a place to think.                                               

    Anna García Solana, Artist + Curator

Fire Escape Contemporary Art is an art project that works with independent and emerging artists in unexpected ways and in special locations. Fire Escape is a virtual exhibition space that represents artists across a range of different disciplines. We are not constrained by a space and we are a dynamic gallery that provides opportunities for virtual and on site exhibitions and pop-up shows. We extend beyond the confines of gallery walls and present public art projects and unique one-off performance based-work for audiences to experience. Fire Escape prides itself on presenting exhibitions, public art projects and performances that challenge, excite and provide opportunities for meaningful conversations. Directed by Catalan-Spanish born and Melbourne based, independent artist and art curator, Anna García Solana.

Fire Escape Contemporary Art launched in 2012 in Barcelona. The original space provided an art gallery, creative co-working spaces, art-making studio and stockroom. Fire Escape revitalized the local neighbourhood, providing a point for creative thinkers, makers and supporters to gather and discuss art and its ideas and influences. The main goal was to democratise the art scene in Barcelona: breaking barriers between artists and audiences. Facilitating access to art and culture for all the public through exhibitions, actions, talks, workshops, markets, art fairs and art festivals.

IMAGE > La hoguera, la mujer, el perro y el globo (The bonfire, the woman, the dog and the balloon), 2022, oil on canvas set up on American pink box, 50 x 50cm. Image courtesy of the artist. > [above] Kate Lambe, The sum of its parts, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm. Image Courtesy of the artist.