juncture art prize

Entries to the JUNCTURE Art Prize 2023 is now closed. Stay tuned for the prize winners' announcement.

JUNCTURE will support two mid-career artists with a cash prize of $20,000 each to help them realise exciting new directions in their practices, culminating in an exhibition of new work in 2024. 

The selection framework for JUNCTURE is defined by a demonstrated history of success, and the manifest potential for substantial future outcomes. It is designed to support radical thinking, conversations, and change, for both Artist and Audience. JUNCTURE is a platform to support those on the precipice of new in all its multiplicities. 

The funds can be used for any purpose in support of the artist’s aspirations, such as, research, technical experimentation or working with other creative practioners to learn, share ideas and develop skills. JUNCTURE aims to relieve limitations that inhibit artists pursuing their innovative ideas and advancing and pushing their practice. We are looking for artists who are at a juncture in their career, where they are ready to pursue future directions, discovery and risk-taking.


> An artist statement which describes your practice and an overview of significant achievements.

>  Juncture is about supporting a big shift. Where are you interested in taking your practice? Why are you interested in pursuing this direction? 

>  What support/learning/research/development/activities do you need to undertake to realise this change? 


Lisa Sullivan
Senior Curator, Geelong Galley

Simon Lawrie
Curator and Commissions Manager, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

> Dr Vincent Alessi
CEO + Director, Linden New Art

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before starting your entry to the JUNCTURE Art Prize.


Be bold


>  Mid-Career

The Artist meets the NAVA definition of a mid-career artist, which reads as follows: 

A mid-career artist, craftsperson or designer has been developing an independent body of work and practice over a number of years, gaining recognition at a state and national level. This type of recognition can be achieved through public presentation of work, publication in magazines, online commentary such as essays and broad industry acknowledgement.    

Their income may come solely from creative work, or it may be supplemented by teaching and other forms of income that complement artistic practice.

This stage of a creative career will generally not follow a typical upward trajectory. There may be times of intensive and overlapping work periods followed by stretches of little to no project work. A variety of professional development activities and experimentation may take place as an artist navigates this time in their career.

>  Distinctive Creativity

The Artist has a defined critical and contemporary practice supported by significant outcomes and achievements as expected of a mid-career artist. The proposal is innovative and clearly assists the Artist with expanding/furthering their practice in new and exciting ways.

>  Supports New Work

The proposed support/learning/research/development/activities are feasible and directly support the advancement of the artist’s practice in new and exciting ways.

The proposal and program of activities will directly lead to the development and delivery of new divergent work.

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