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Ash Keating

Ash Keating’s exhibition Duality is on show at Linden until 16 May 2021. 

Following a year of creative experimentation and marking a transition in technique, Ash's new works have been built with many layers of pigment and textural materials. We recently caught up with Ash in his huge studio space to find out more about his practice and the ideas behind his recent work. 

My painting practice is predominantly abstract gravity fed compositions. On large exterior walls I use acrylic house-paints and water applied with fire extinguishers, and within the studio working on linen I use a spray gun, atomising premium artist paints and water.

However, in 2020 I decided to use the strange year and lockdowns as an opportunity to experiment with textures and mark making which I had long been hoping to find time to explore.

For these new works I embedded peculiar materials into paints and binders such as perlite, vermiculite, mica flakes and two different sized reflective glass beads, the type used on roads and road signs.

Making the works with Glass Beads was wild, as I thickened paint with them and both flung and dropped dollops onto the canvas, then I threw clean beads at the wet areas so as the outer edge would reflect the colours from underneath.

Overall, I am inspired by colours in urban and natural environments, from advertising on the streets, to beautiful natural phenomena.

More recently I have started really being inspired by other artists, ones that have come before me and others working today.

Actually the inspiration to use these materials in my Linden show came from a research trip to New York in late 2018. It was there I visited exhibitions of works by Jack Whitten at The Met Breuer and Mary Course at The Whitney Museum, and was so inspired by both artists’ work I told myself that I needed to incorporate texture into future works of my own.

Depending on the project I may be working on something for a week or a few months, I far more enjoy the battle with a series over many months. There is significant planning and preparation to everything I do, however during the painting process I love to improvise as each mark leads to the next and takes you on journey where the destination is more often unknown.

IMAGES > [above] Ash Keating, Aerial #1-4, 2021, photo by Matthew Stanton > Ash Keating, Fall #1-4, 2021, photo by Matthew Stanton

My exhibition at Linden New Art is titled Duality. This is because As I was making the first body of work titled Aerial in October last year I realised that I wanted to make a completely contrasting series that I would then re-hang halfway through the exhibition.

With a three-month exhibition I felt like it would be great to re-invigorate the space and also reward the gallery audience with an incentive to return to see the show.

Both series of paintings are textural and have to be seen in person to full appreciate them. In their own ways they are both immersive and subtle, and they shift as you move in and around them, though my second series, titled Fall, is quite dynamic and jumps off the canvas.

From 26 March to 6 April I have a collaboration with John Wardle Architects on a rooftop at 130 Little Collins St. in Melbourne’s CBD for a project which is part of Design Week.

But what I am most excited about is getting back into the studio in the coming months to create new paintings for my solo exhibition with Kronenberg Mais Wright in Sydney. This will run from late August to mid-September 2021.

Photographs: Theresa Harrison Photography
+ More info about Ash Keating +Visit the Ash Keating > Duality

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If you would like to find out more about these exceptional artists, book into a Meet the Artist session to hear from them what drives their practice and what inspires their creativity.

I would like to offer my thanks to Creative Victoria for the additional funding to support this new initiative and to the fabulous team at Linden who have worked behind the scenes to create Linden Extra.

Melinda Martin
March 2021

Q&A by Juliette Hanson | Editing: Juliette Hanson & Chloé Hazelwood | Design: Mathieu Vendeville