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Nicholas Folland

Nicholas Folland’s exhibition Burn Down the House is on show at Linden until 16 May 2021. 

Nic’s practice explores the relationship between domestic objects and materials, natural forces and historical references. We have been in touch with Nic this week, from his home in Adelaide, to find out more about how he works and what inspires him.

My work responds to both the domestic and to natural environments, often looking for a point where these two areas collide or come into conflict. The control of the domestic sits in contrast to the wilds of the natural environment, but while we structure our homes as safely managed places of domesticity, we invite natural elements into these spaces, at the same time resisting the extreme and unpredictable aspects of the environment that might cause discomfort or interrupt the controlled comfort of desired lives. The resulting conflicts and struggles provide fertile ground to explore more complex notions of existence.

The materials that I employ are primarily objects that I identify within these various environments. Often they consist of furniture or furnishings and materials I glean from journeys into the scrub, but may equally originate from my recycling or home gardening.

In a world obsessed with consuming the new, I try where possible to upcycle existing items, although I sometimes create new things to communicate specific ideas or narratives.

My work is motivated by my own personal experiences and responses to the world, as well as historical narratives of travel and exploration. Often these narratives focus on failure and loss in the face of great achievement, but also on the miraculous or more ritualised processes within cultures that are structured to enable rescue or hope.

My studio is a private place where I can explore ideas without interruption, and where things with potential gather in action and storage. It’s versatile and changes depending on the nature and scale of the projects at hand – everything is on wheels! Additionally I use larger spaces for short periods of time when my studio is too small for the task, and often employ the skills of professionals and their specialised work spaces for ends that I can’t achieve on my own.

I identify things in the world that might have potential and then live with them while I figure out their relevance. In reality, anything that comes into my studio, my home and my garden has the potential to end up in my work.

My work schedule varies, with multiple projects progressing at any one time. However only a few of the projects I begin have final outcomes, as ideas merge and fall to the side. There is a kind of cooking period, where if things don’t gel within a reasonable time they get packed away for a while. Some things boil for a long time.

My hope is that when people experience my work, they take away a new way of looking at the world around them. Hopefully the unexpected relationships that I generate resonate with the lived ‘every-day’ experience – enabling a different way of looking at our surroundings, and identifying new ways for objects to operate in the world and in our lives.

I have a range of projects coming up over the next 12 months, including a restaging of my large scale animated kitchen installation ‘Other Homes and Gardens’ at Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt Gambier, a residency to create new work for the inaugural Oceanic Craft Biennale in Perth, and new glass work for a touring show that will kick off at Canberra Glass Works later in the year.

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > Portrait of Nicholas Folland > Nicholas Folland in his studio. Photograph by Jessica Clark > Nicholas Folland in his studio. Photograph by Jessica Clark > Nicholas Folland, Outside-in [installation view], 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. >  Nicholas Folland, Track 1 [installation view], 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Nicholas Folland, S-O, 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. >  Nicholas Folland, Flirt installation, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  > Nicholas Folland, Burn Down the House installation, 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Nicholas Folland, Burn Down the House installation, 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Nicholas Folland, Outside-in [detail], 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography. > Nicholas Folland, Burn Down the House [installation view], 2021. Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.

+ More info about Nicholas Folland + Visit the Nicholas Folland > Burn Down the House

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Meet The Artist > Nicholas Folland

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We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery soon to see our latest series of solo exhibitions by leading mid-career artists.
> Troy Emery's Sonder
> Nicholas Folland's Burn Down the House
> Ash Keating's Duality.

If you would like to find out more about these exceptional artists, book into a Meet the Artist session to hear from them what drives their practice and what inspires their creativity.

I would like to offer my thanks to Creative Victoria for the additional funding to support this new initiative and to the fabulous team at Linden who have worked behind the scenes to create Linden Extra.

Melinda Martin
March 2021

Q&A by Juliette Hanson | Editing: Juliette Hanson & Chloé Hazelwood | Design: Mathieu Vendeville