Artists And Writer
In Residence

Lucinda Strahan

Lucinda Strahan is a writer and researcher of 'expanded nonfiction' an interdisciplinary writing practice that spans journalism and arts criticism, auto-ethnographic and personal essaying, arts editing and publishing, academic writing, and experimental literary-visual essaying. Lucinda leads Writing in the Expanded Field, writing program of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and is editor of its digital journal. Lucinda has previously also been Writer in Residence residence at Grey Projects, Singapore. She teaches creative and professional writing in the Professional Communication program at RMIT. 

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IMAGE > Portrait of Andrew Taylor in his studio. Image courtesy of the artist.
Photograph: Sean Fennessy.

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor is a local painter who has exhibited widely across Australia, the USA and Asia.

He is held in collections on all Continents.

Whilst in the residency he is completing Commissioned works in glass for The Ritz Carlton, Melbourne, a room in Glass for a private residence in New York and is preparing a painting show for Olsen Gallery in Sydney that opens in November.

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Kim de Kretser

Kim De Kretser is an artist, a muse of the wilderness, and a masterful curator of human connection. With a multifaceted skill set that encompasses creative direction, production, and curation, she generates stunning works of public art, exhibitions and festivals that inspire conversations and ignite social change.

From a young age, Kim has been a gatherer, journaler, and documenter, always attuned to the way nature alters our perspectives of self and others. She explores how words and imagery alter the space we exist in and expand our fields of vision, both metaphorically and physically. Her interest in the way that items can gather meaning through proximity is reflected in her process of recontextualising found objects, imagery and words, and inviting new connections of seemingly unrelated elements. 

Kim is the Managing Director of Experimenta Media Arts and maintains strong ties with the local and broader arts communities and intersecting industries. She holds a Master of Art (Art in Public Space) from RMIT University and is an associate member of RMIT's Contemporary Art and Social Transformation and AEGIS RMIT Research Network for Art and Environment.

IMAGE > Portrait of Kim De Kretser. Image courtesy of the artist.

IMAGE > Portrait of Oliver Hull in his studio. Image courtesy of the artist.

Oliver Hull

Oliver Hull works across various mediums including digital media, sculpture, and installation. He is intrigued by the poetic and political characteristics of images and computation, as well as their relationship with time, nature, and landscape. His work typically begins with research into places or events where these categories intersect, often utilizing digital tools to track, model, simulate, and sense. These techniques are used to emphasize the political and/or poetic elements within the subject matter.

Hull often collaborates with other professionals in his work, including scientists, artists, designers, and musicians. He is currently partnering with scientists from TReND, the Pawsey Supercomputing Center, and the CSIRO on a project about the Mullallo aquifer, a large body of water that occupies most of the land beneath Perth.

Hull has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. These exhibitions have taken place in a variety of settings such as institutional, commercial, and artist-run spaces, as well as online and offsite locations.

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