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IMAGE > Carolyn Menzies working in her studio.
Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville. Image courtesy of the artist.


Carolyn Menzies

Carolyn Menzies is a visual artist who lives and works in Melbourne. Her sculptural forms emerge from the union of the industrial and the handmade. Her works express a concern for the relentless industrialization and urbanization of modern life. Tenderly crafting the abrasive steel wool and mesh she creates a more mutable man made world.

Born in New Zealand, she studied sculpture at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts. A travel grant allowed her to travel to the UK where she completed her MA in Fine Arts at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, London. 

Although her materials are diverse and unusual, the constant that runs through her work is a fascination with the processes of transformation. Carolyn creates delicacy of mass and volume through an unpredictable use of materials such as steel wool and mesh. She sees her strong bias towards materiality as her true north.

Lucinda Strahan

Lucinda Strahan is a writer and researcher of 'expanded nonfiction' an interdisciplinary writing practice that spans journalism and arts criticism, auto-ethnographic and personal essaying, arts editing and publishing, academic writing, and experimental literary-visual essaying. Lucinda leads Writing in the Expanded Field, writing program of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and is editor of its digital journal. Lucinda has previously also been Writer in Residence residence at Grey Projects, Singapore. She teaches creative and professional writing in the Professional Communication program at RMIT. 


IMAGE > Portrait of Lucinda Strahan. Image courtesy of

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