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Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa

Wellness Deity
22 May 2021 > 22 August 2021

Vipoo Srivilasa is a Thai-born Melbourne-based artist, curator and arts activist. This exhibition will present the Wellness Deity Project, which Srivilasa undertook in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaborative, community-driven project invited people to submit a drawing of their Wellness Deity, a being that has a special empowering or protective power.

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Natasha Bieniek

Natasha Bieniek

22 May 2021 > 22 August 2021

Natasha Bieniek is best-known for her miniature oil paintings. Bieniek’s paintings are meticulous in their execution and demand close inspection. They link the ancient tradition of 16th century miniature painting with present-day image culture.

This exhibition brings together a suit of recent works that have not been seen together before, including Bieniek’s stand out painting, Biophilia, which was the winner of the Wynne Prize in 2015.

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Ruth Höflich

Ruth Höflich

To Feed your Oracle
22 May > 22 August 2021

Ruth Höflich is an artist and filmmaker, born in Munich, Germany, and currently based in Melbourne. In an installation of video, photography and site intervention, To Feed Your Oracle will explore how we might understand, or predict, things that we can’t see and how our expectations might affect how we experience the unknown.

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Upcoming exhibition(s)

Design Fringe

Design Fringe

4 September > 21 November 2021

This year, the Melbourne Fringe Festival will launch Design Fringe, a program that evolves the 34-year history of Fringe Furniture to create a stunning new design exhibition and events program to reach design loving audiences across Melbourne. We are thrilled to be hosting the first Design Fringe exhibition, which will be on display across all of our gallery spaces.

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Linden Postcard Show 2021-22

Linden Postcard Show 2021-22

4 December 2021 > 27 February 2022 

The iconic Linden Postcard Show will return for its 31st year.  

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Past exhibitions

Nicholas Folland

Burn Down the House
13 February 2021 > 16 May 2021

Nicholas Folland’s practice explores the relationship between domestic objects and materials, natural forces and historical references. His work speaks to uncertainty, ecological fragility and our perception of time. 

Troy Emery

13 February 2021 > 16 May 2021

Troy Emery’s practice encompasses sculpture, painting, and drawing. Emery’s artwork explores the way that representations of animals can be used as decorative motifs, superficial icons for ecological issues or fetishised objects of adornment and entertainment. 

Ash Keating

13 February 2021 > 16 May 2021

Ash Keating works within an expanded contemporary field, through painting, performance, sculpture, video and intervention. Keating’s large outdoor murals, created with paint filled fire extinguishers, can be found across Melbourne. 

Linden Postcard Show 30th Birthday Celebration

16 October 2020 > 31 January 2021

Let's celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Linden Postcard Show. Unlike any Postcard Show birthday you’ve seen before, we’ve invited back some of the past winners, from 30 years of the show’s history, to exhibit their current work.

Linden Postcard Show 2020-21

5 December 2020 > 31 January 2021

Since 1990, this much-loved open-entry small artwork prize exhibition has been providing artists - from emerging to established - the opportunity to present their artwork on the walls of Linden New Art's beautiful Victorian-era building.

Robert Fielding

Routes / Roots
22 February 2020 > 30 August 2020
Opening on Friday 21 February 2020, 6-8PM

Robert Fielding is a contemporary artist of Pakistani, Afghan, Western Arrente and Yankunytjatjara descent, who lives in Mimili Community in the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. Fielding’s work combines strong cultural roots with contemporary perspectives.

Karla Dickens

My Mother’s Keeper
22 February 2020 > 30 August 2020
Opening on Friday 21 February 2020, 6-8PM

My Mother’s Keeper will feature a film and a series of new photographs produced as a result of a collaboration between the artist Karla Dickens and writer Bruce Pascoe. Initiated by the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, the work focusses on the urgent need for us to protect and conserve the land and our environment.

Jacqui Stockdale

The Long Shot
22 February 2020 > 30 August 2020
Opening on Friday 21 February 2020, 6-8PM

This new body of work extends Stockdale’s long-held fascination with early colonial times in Australia. The Long Shot explores the dominant narratives of Australian folk history, mythology and iconography and challenges their potency within a contemporary context. Based on extensive research, Stockdale presents a new version of Ned Kelly’s family history, with a focus on the experiences of Kelly’s mother, Ellen.

Linden Postcard Show 2019-20

23 November 2019 > 9 February 2020

Visit the iconic Linden Postcard Show! Since 1990, this much-loved open-entry small artwork prize exhibition has been providing artists - from emerging to established - the opportunity to present their artwork on the walls of Linden New Art's beautiful Victorian-era building.

Simon Finn

Breath-hold dwelling
7 September > 10 November 2019

Simon Finn creates multimedia installations, including video, drawing and sculpture that are informed by his professional experience in Architecture, visualisation and freediving.

Alicia King

Our Long Conversation with the Sun
7 September > 10 November 2019

Alicia King works with new and experimental media to raise questions about the use of technology to manipulate nature and its increasing impact on biological systems, including the human body.

Brodie Ellis

Heavy Launch
7 September > 10 November 2019

Brodie Ellis will present a video, sculpture and sound installation. Beautifully abstracted fragments of dozens of rocket launches are blended together in a fluid animation that focuses on jet propulsion and the burning of resources.

Linden Locals

29 June > 1 September 2019

Linden Locals is a project to celebrate you; the many people – visitors, artists and locals – that make Linden New Art what it is today.

Mona Ruijs

Sympathetic Resonance
29 June > 1 September 2019

Mona Ruijs creates and performs sound baths and sound meditations featuring gongs.

Lucreccia Quintanilla

A Ripple and an Echo
29 June > 1 September 2019

Lucreccia Quintanilla makes work that explores structures of amplification, both natural and technological.

Cat Hope

Sub Decorative Sequences
29 June > 1 September 2019

Cat Hope is a composer, musician, songwriter and performance artist. Taking the decorative elements of Linden’s Hope will create unique graphic scores that will be displayed in the gallery and performed by musicians in a series of special events. 

Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari

Dark Water
4 May > 23 June 2019

Presented by Perth-based artists Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari, Dark Water examines psychological thresholds and the limits of the human body in relation to oceanic environments.

Baluk Arts

4 May > 23 June 2019

This group exhibition showcases works made by artists from Baluk Arts, an urban Aboriginal Arts Centre based in Mornington.

Linden Art Prize 2019

23 February > 28 April 2019

The Linden Art Prize is a non-acquisitive contemporary art award established for artists graduating from a Masters or PhD from a Victorian University.

Linden Postcard Show 2018-19

23 November 2018 - 10 February 2019

Visit the iconic Linden Postcard Show! Since 1990, this much-loved open-entry small artwork prize exhibition has been providing artists

Natalie Ryan

Imaging the Dead
25 August > 4 November 2018

Natalie Ryan's practice explores themes that surround the aesthetic representation of animal cadavers and natural sciences, throughout history and in contemporary art.

Julia deVille

Wholeness and the Implicit Order
25 August > 4 November 2018

To celebrate Linden New Art’s return to our St Kilda home, we will be presenting a major solo exhibition of new work by leading Australian mid-career artist Julia deVille.

Puna Yanima & Linda Puna

Wangka Kutjara, Tjukurpa Kutju
28 July > 2 September 2018

Drawing upon the 2018 National NAIDOC theme Because of her, we can!, Wangka Kutjara, Tjukurpa Kutju (language for Two Voices, One Tjukurpa) presents the mother-daughter relationship of Anangu women Puna Yanima and Linda Puna for the first time in a public gallery setting.

Nicole Newman

Genaivisheh Shtiklech (Tricky Pieces)
23 February > 9 March 2018

This is an exhibition of sixteen new works by Nicole Newman. These small-scale sculptures are intended to be somewhat of a puzzle to the viewer.

Linden Postcard Show 2017-18

10 November 2017 > 23 February 2018

This year, the Linden Postcard Show will be held at Domain House (Dallas Brooks Drive, South Yarra) while our beloved Acland Street building undergoes renovations.

Papulankutja Artists

Tjanpi Desert Weavers & Warakurna Artists
11 August - 24 September 2017

Centred upon the thriving artistic foundations of the tri-state border of WA, SA and NT, Border Lines brings together celebrated painters from the Papulankutja and Warakurna art communities and the renowned fibre artists of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

Kylie Stillman

The Opposite Of Wild
27 May > 6 August 2017

The Opposite of Wild was created specifically for the space at Domain House. It included one of Stillman's largest 'book sculptures’ to date.

Sam Leach

Avian Interplanetary
27 May > 6 August 2017

Sam Leach’s solo exhibition Avian Interplanetary is a proposal for a future habitat that takes into account the world view of non-humans as well as humans.

Changing Places

10 February > 8 March 2017

Changing Places is a response to Linden's temporary relocation in 2017. Five artists explore the notions of “change” and “place”; peeling back the layers to find what it means to them, to their worlds & practices.

Penny Byrne

10 February > 8 March 2017

Penny Byrne’s sculptural works are politically charged, highly engaging and often disarmingly humorous.

Linden Postcard Show 2016-17

21 October 2016 > 29 January 2017

The Linden Postcard Show is an open entry exhibition for all artists from hobbyist, emerging to established, and celebrates it's 26th year in 2016.

Alick Tipoti

21 July > 9 October 2016

Linden New Art is proud to present a new solo exhibition Lagangu (from the islands) by Alick Tipoti.

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