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You’ve told us that our events work exceptionally well online. Many of you seem enjoy them from the comfort of your couch, home office or kitchen table. And you don’t need to dress up or even have pants on! Some of them you might have enjoyed.

A Cyberspace Masquerade with mid career artist Jacqui Stockdale

  • Multilingual Audio Exhibition Introductions in our 360 degree exhibitions tours
  • Artist Speakeasies – offering a range of practical skills to artists
  • 3D Tour and Q&A with mid career artist Julia deVille
  • & even Trivia nights.

To support artists and share their wonderful work relies on the support of generous supporters like you.  Will you make sure we can continue to help with a gift?

  • $200 pays for an artist to participate in an online webinar- providing them with an income
  • $120 contributes to the cost of producing our 360 degree digital tours - bringing work to live online
  • $50 helps translate a single exhibition panel, connecting to Russian, Mandarin and Spanish communities.

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Or Be a Capped Crusader! If you and your family have loved our kids’ programs, and its provided you with moments of creativity in these challenging times, will you pay it forward so another family like yours can do the same? Just $50 provides a free art kit for children and their families living in social housing.
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Annual Report

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported Linden New Art over the past year and we always promise to report back to you on everything we achieved together. We hope you enjoy reading our Annual Report for 2020.

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IMAGES [Top to bottom] > Linden New Art. Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville.
Cyber Masquerade with Jacqui Stockdale, 2020. Photograph: Jasmin McNeill.
> Troy Emery's Sonder 360 Tour. Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville.
> Community Day, 2019. Photograph: Mathieu Vendeville. 
> Linden New Art Annual Report 2020 cover. Visitors at Jacqui Stockdale's exhibition The Long Shot, 2020.
Photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography.


By Dr Marion Piper's essay. 

At various times throughout the day my hands and feet tingle. Nothing life threatening or anything, but noticeable enough to stop me in my tracks. It’s a sensation that runs along the surface of my skin...
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Natasha Bieniek

See behind the scenes in Natasha's studio
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Ruth Höflich

See behind the scenes in Ruth's studio
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Vipoo Srivilasa

See behind the scenes in Vipoo's studio
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Troy Emery & Ash Keating new projects

Explore the latest projects
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Carolyn Menzies

Find out about Carolyn's latest residency
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Anna Révész

Explore our latest Linden Projects Space exhibition
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Drink like
an artist

Vipoo Sirivilasa's tips for the perfect cup of tea
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Cook like
an artist

Follow Ruth Höflich and Natasha Bieniek's favourite recipes
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On Holidays at LINDEN

Art activities for children
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Linden Contemporaries

Member's visit to Ash Keating's studio 
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our volunteers

Meet three of our volunteers
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Things to explore in our Local Neighbourhood to enhance your next visit to St Kilda and the gallery.
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What's coming
next at Linden?

Design Fringe

4 September > 21 November 2021

This year, the Melbourne Fringe Festival will launch 
Design Fringe, a program that evolves the 34-year history of Fringe Furniture to create a stunning new design exhibition and events program to reach design loving audiences across Melbourne. We are thrilled to be hosting the first Design Fringe exhibition, which will be on display across all of our gallery spaces.
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Linden Postcard
Show 2020-21

4 December 2021 > 27 February 2022 

The iconic Linden Postcard Show will return for its 31st year. With over 1,000 mini masterpieces to see - every work measuring exactly 8 x 10” - this exhibition will include work by artists at all stages of their career, from across Australia.    

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