Linden EXTRA with

Vipoo srivilasa

We recently caught up with Vipoo in his beautiful studio to find out more about her practice and the work he has been making recently. 

I asked members of the public "What does a COVID-19 Deity look like?" and invited them to submit a drawing of COVID-19 Deity design for project that forms my exhibition at Linden.

The diety must have one divine force to improve your current pandemic situation or a divine weapon that can fight off COVID-19.  I selected the 19 most inspiring deities and turned them into ceramic sculptures. I also invited 19 writers to write a story about each of the deities. The drawings, the sculptures and their stories will be presented in this show, at Linden New Art.

Originally I was planing to exhibit a different body of works, but then COVID payed us all a visit and I wanted to create new work that reflected the situation in a positive way.

Facing isolation was a major issue last year, I wanted to create a project that allowed me to connect with people and hear their isolation stories. I wanted to make a project as a fun and send out positive energy as well as involve as many creative people as I can. With the support of an Australia Council for the Arts grant, I was able to provide a small artist fee to all the participants involved (38 of them). A little positive thing during a difficult time.

I used Porcelain to create the Deity sculptures but the exhibition also including text and drawings/paintings from participants.

I grow up in Bangkok, Thailand and it has a strong influenced on my work. I am Thai in the way I am playful, happy and friendly. It’s interesting how one’s identity is often amplified in another culture. I was not looking to express my Thai identity explicitly, but it finds its way into my artwork.

Moving from Thailand to Australia! It is the most significant travel that defined my practice.

I collect small ceramic houses, antique blue and white porcelain spoons, cat toys and off course, artworks. I also walk my cats on leash after work.

I can speak Thai and I think I can speak cat language from time to time. My cats seem to understand what I say but sometime they tease me by ignoring my conversation!

I was born an artist.


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