Linden Projects Space

Current exhibition

Ali Tahayori

Ali Tahayori

After Everything Has Been Said

18 July > 18 August 2024

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Past exhibitions

Haji Oh

Grand-Mother Island Project: Chapter 1- Nautical Map

Until 14 July 2024

Third Space

Jane Bartier, Amber Smith & Anindita Banerjee
Until 9 June 2024


Neva-gu dyugurpa, From West Coast to City Centre
Until 28 April 2024

Clay Matters

Facts of Matter
Pattie Beerens, Amelia Black, Amanda Bromfield, Claire Ellis, Vicki Grima, Lene Kuhl Jakobsen, Cinda Manins, Elnaz Nourizadeh, Jane Sawyer, Madeleine Thornton Smith

Until 23 March 2024

Betty Sargeant > REAL FAKE

11 January > 11 February 2024

Elise Cakebread

Gathering Dust

23 November > 23 December 2023


Moral Stranger

19 October > 19 November 2023

Lucinda Strahan

a rather gross materialism
completed her relapse into irritability
The Webbs’ Australian Diary 1898 cut and erased

10 August > 10 September 2023


Linden Projects Space
6 July > 6 August 2023

Belinda Piggott > All That Twinkles

1 June > 2 July 2023

Sarah Tracton > Sound is Illuminated

4 May > 28 May

Sound is Illuminated is proud to be part of Melbourne Design Week 2023

The Escape

Featuring Mariya Alipieva, Natalia Carminati, Alejandra de la Torre, Alexander Grahovsky, Ayman Kaake, Kate Lambe, Lemon Chicken Por Favor, Anna Révész, Anna García Solana, Andree van Schai
23 March > 23 April 2023

SYDELLE MULLEN > My Womb: A Public Space

16 February > 19 March 2023

LEONIE LEIVENZON > Unremembered Histories

12 January > 12 February 2023


17 November > 23 December 2022

Curated by Ada Coxall, Coral Guan and Sebastian Kainey, Labour Lexica is a polemic and complex exhibition featuring the work of local emerging artists Maki Morita, Luce Nguyễn-Hunt and Lachlan Marley.

Jeremy Blincoe > The Fragile Skin of the World

13 October > 13 November 2022

The Fragile Skin of the World extends Blincoe’s practice of combining unusual materials and technologies to synthesise intricate sculptural arrangements that confuse and collapse the ideological distinctions separating objects from their environments.

JANE BURTON > Kingdom of Pleasure

4 August > 4 September 2022

Linden New Art is proud to present Kingdom of Pleasure, an exhibition by local artist Jane Burton. In Kingdom of Pleasure, Burton expands upon her ongoing exploration of memory, desire and mortality with a new suite of dream-like photographs offering a darkly ambiguous, enigmatic, and provocative take on Luna Park.

MORGANNA MAGEE > Distant Shores

9 June > 31 July 2022

Developed in collaboration with members from the local community, Distant Shores combines documentary photography, family photos and written testimony to tell the story of the migrant experience through themes of cultural connection, memory, longing and loss. Curated by Anna Monea.


21 April > 29 May 2022

In 2018-21, Martin was invited to observe fire initiatives that focus on the revival of 'Good fire' practice on Gumea Dharawal Country, as Artist in Residence at Bundanon Trust, NSW. RIGHT FIRE evolved over several days spent with Elders and Indigenous Fire practitioners photographing cultural burn practice to emphasise the significance of learning about Indigenous Fire knowledge.

Jarrad Martyn > Relics

10 March > 10 April 2022

Relics explores the evolution of collective memory and the function of public monuments in modern society. 

Ellis Moseley > The Work Is Not The Work

3 February > 6 March 2022

The Work is not the Work is an experimental exhibition featuring six exquisitely formed ceramic vessels. The exhibition is part of Moseley’s research that tests the limits of what an artwork can be. These works pose the question as to whether an artist can claim someone else’s consciousness as their own artwork.


9 December 2021 > 30 January 2022

This group show, curated by Alojz Babic, explores the lockdown experience through the work of three artists working with textiles. The works explore the physical and psychological impacts of being confined. Babic has focussed on textiles as they evoke deep rooted associations with domesticity and intimacy.

Carolyn Menzies

Of Slender Means
29 July 2021 > 14 November 2021

Carolyn Menzies will present a series of sculptural works and charcoal drawings that explore materiality and the intersection of art and craft. Menzies’ sculptures are made from steel wool and steel mesh. Steel is a hallmark of modern sculptural practice, however Menzies’ use of the material gently subverts this legacy as the wool and mesh are unashamedly domestic.

Anna Révész

Architecture of Memory
13 May 2021 > 18 July 2021

Anna Révész is an emerging, Adelaide-based artist whose practice encompasses drawing, painting and sculpture, with a particular interest in photography. Révész uses both digital and analogue photography to explore ideas relating to memory, such as how memories are created, sustained or reconstructed.

Güler Altunbas

Chrysalis; Recognition and Restitution
1 April > 9 May 2021

Güler Altunbas is a Melbourne-based artist practicing in a variety of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and digital technologies. She has an extensive history as an advocate for the prevention of violence against women and children and successfully brings her personal lived experience to her art practice, public speaking events and collaborations.

Theatre Works

Reflect and Rejoice
27 February > 29 March 2020

Reflect and Rejoice celebrates forty years of theatrical excellence in the heart of St Kilda.

Jonathan Kim

23 January > 23 February 2020

Jonathan Kim’s practice places deep importance on the relationship between a medium and its environmental factors. The reconstructed structures made of found materials present various spatial concepts based on phenomenology. Kim's art is deeply inspired by Korean artist Lee Ufan’s theory of Man-Nam (Encounter).

Alternating Current Art Space

28 November 2019 > 19 January 2020

Drawn together through friendship and a natural affinity to collaborate, Coalescence explores the idea of connection via the work of six artists.

Tully Moore

Foreign Objects
9 November > 24 November 2019

80km till the next town… endless horizon. This place should be more familiar. I have passed along this road endlessly. This particular piece of bitumen is the thing that connects myself to those that are closest to me, yet it feels so foreign.

Julie Shiels

Hidden Life, A Domestic Study
3 October > 3 November 2019

Hidden Life, A Domestic Study turns the selfie function on a mobile phone away from the self in order to see what it can reveal about the world of objects and the spaces.

William Holt

Crashing by Design
23 August > 29 September 2019

Crashing by Design is an exhibition of new work by Melbourne-based abstract artist William Holt.