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Charlie Bush

Fine foods, wine, cheese and friends. All the simple pleasures of the home are better enjoyed together with friends and family. When circumstances call for all the luxuries, it always tastes better when it is served in style. Zephyr Boards can be a way to impress your loved ones by serving a platter of food in utmost luxury. Made from only the finest materials it is a serving board which provides a statement of class and elegance. Not made for everyday use but to help celebrate those special occasions.

IMAGE > Charlie Bush, <em>Zephyr Boards</em>, 2021, brass, American walnut, 3.5 x 57 x 28 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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Spending more time at home has highlighted the need for comfortable spaces in your home and products that enhance your daily routine. Getting the balance right between functionality and aesthetics are key to this new way of living which can create a positive mindset.

Spending so much time at home has helped me to focus more on upskilling, prototyping new designs and working on smaller products for the home.

All the simple pleasures of the home are better enjoyed together with friends and family.

Due to lockdown restrictions, I have spent more time getting to know my neighborhood and have discovered the perfect place to practice my surfing while I'm stuck in this concrete jungle. I have purchased a surf-skate and have been venturing down to the Coburg velodrome to hone my skills and imagine I'm out there in the open ocean.

Whilst bored during Melbourne's lockdown I decided to build a sauna in the backyard using recycled shipping pallets. This is my favourite room as it allows me to relax and unwind after a long day on the tools. It is a gentle reminder to take the time to enjoy life's simpler pleasures.

The Robot Flower is a product I designed at university. It is a lighting device which needs to be feed water in order to turn on. Robot Flower is designed so that it can be planted in either the garden or a pot plant, allowing it to be positioned inside or outside depending on the user’s preference. There is no “switch” to turn the light on, instead it must be feed water to open the flower and turn on the light.

Charlies' Pale ale

Grain bill: 
6.5kg Ale malt  
5.3kg Pilsner Malt 
1.3h Wheat Malt 
12kg total Grain 

135g Galaxy 
180g Mosaic 1
180g Citra 

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Designers on your doorstep

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