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Kirby Bourke

simple(y) (a)chair is a sculptural abstraction of the chair. Heavy and hard, but curved and playful, the form aims to highlight the stoic, reliable, and welcoming human qualities we, as humans, can identify in our furnishings, taking them beyond object, to meaningful lasting pieces with character and soul. I picture this chair sitting patiently in the corner ready to help when needed.

One day covered in clothes, the next a stack of books, ready to hold our weight in a moment of silence or need, a friend sits casually over a drink and a child uses it as their playground, the sun shines in and you see the patinated ever changing organic surface in a new light, and you appreciate that it is there.

IMAGE > Kirby Bourke, Simple(y) (a)chair, 2021, brass and steel,
85 x 40 x 40cm each. Image courtesy of Two lines Studio.
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The theme for Design Fringe - 'Home' - helped validate the ideas that I strive for, that the things we own should have meaning and we can connect on an emotional level with our belongings, giving them soul and value. That was the main driver for Simple(y) (a)Chair, an abstraction of a chair form with basic geometry, heavy and sculptural with material with an organic nature (reacts with the environment) tries to make the link that - a chair is a chair, a chair can be more than a chair, a chair is a chair again.

I have been extremely lucky that I have been able to go to my workshop throughout COVID. Although It has highlighted that design stems from problems or limitations not necessarily from freedom to do what you want so i think now more than ever there is an emphasis creating things that we can connect with and form attachments.

I'm sure like many, one of our favourite pastimes is walking the streets and admiring the beautiful and eclectic individual tastes of different houses coincidently very aligned with the new design fringe program. We love to look at peoples porches how they have set them up to gain a bit of insight into how people live their lives, as well as sitting on our own watching people enjoy our community as we enjoy a 'porchie' (a drink normally coffee, beer or wine consumed whilst on a porch).

a chair is a chair, a chair can be more than a chair, a chair is a chair again.

My favourite room at home is my recently renovated bathroom that features and arched window, a custom brass bath and Fibonacci stone 'Pavlova' tiles on the floor and walls. The calming colours of the tiles with the bath combined with the light coming though the window make he space beautiful and peaceful and a great place to be.

My favourite recipe... Grated tasty cheese on pasta and a VB can.

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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