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Edward Linacre

Some creatures wait upon the Moon to haul the tides, others for the Sun to heat their hearts. But nature never switches off and on. Its rhythms blend the lights and darks. It balances the cosmic swing and throw when Sun and Moon perform their daily dance. They gently change the world from shade to glow, which is the essence of romance.
Le Cuvier, 2021

Sun is a pre-eminent outcome of Edward Linacre’s ongoing research and development of illuminated woven timber structures, stemming from an obsession with sacred geometries inherent in nature and the ancient algorithm of the Fibonacci sequence. This algorithm - which exists at a microscopic scale in Angelfish ovaries, whilst defining the form of galaxies - informs Edwards continuous development of lightweight, scalable and manipulatable artworks, that are incredibly robust and comprise only two repeating parts.

The form of Sun takes inspiration from the disc florets of a sunflower dial; their “petals” are directed inwards to catch the radiating light and enrich the geometry of the sacred Fibonacci. Edward is responding to this years Design Fringe theme with Sun, as he believes the home should be a place of solace and reflection, peacefulness and harmony; states of being these works create for him. Viewing this work of sacred geometry of the torus is a humbling, meditative experience for Edward; a morning ritual to begin the day thankful for one's existence. It is constructed from sustainable sourced timbers veneers.

As an industrial designer and artist, Edward seeks a partnership with nature, informing a balance revolution between humanity, all living things and our planet. Home as experience, not place, is memory and shared past.

IMAGE > Edward Linacre, <em>Sun</em>, 2021, Elton Group plantation timber veneer, brass and LED, 150 x 150 x 20 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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I want to redesign a lot of tools in the home, And buying high quality, well made, long lasting products has always been important to me but it is vital now. Also ensuring they are ethically sourced, manufactured and designed via circular economy principles, and supporting Australian manufacture as much as possible.

I can focus at home more so, as my workplace can be quite demanding. However, we are in the very fortunate position of being approved to continue to manufacture for residential construction - albeit at a reduced capacity.

their “petals” are directed inwards to catch the radiating light and enrich the geometry of the sacred Fibonacci.

One of the things that I have enjoyed during lockdown is Hew Clothing. Ema Hewitt has been running weekly YouTube videos called Upcycle Sunday from her fashion brand studio in Brunswick. She teaches you how upcycle second hand clothing. @hew_clothing

Also the jewellery crew @myceliumstuios called @studio_24_jewellers who are running an online exhibition of their works, phenomenal stuff, as part of Radian Pavilion 21.

In terms of design my favourite room at home is the office / Synthesiser & keyboard studio room - for obvious reasons.

My favourite object in my home is, I would say, a feat of engineering and design, but my Moog Sub37 analogue synthesizer. Because its an absolute beast and its blood curdling baselines make me very happy.

Start your own Kombucha brew. Very easy, no sugar, and you can pretend it's beer.

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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