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Richard Habgood

Following the completion of my fine art degree, I felt a disconnect between two worlds – art and being a “tradie”. I stopped creating while completing my carpentry apprenticeship. However, during COVID (lockdown) I ended my hiatus. The time spent at home in lockdown forced me to focus on my three passions, painting, sculpture and woodwork.

After building a temporary studio workshop in the backyard of my sharehouse, I began to consider what would be a nice gift to the people I live with. The midcentury technique of tambour was interesting to me in its own right. Adding different elements to the slats brought a whole new balance between sculpture, painting, furniture design, and building. This piece is not only a place to hold our record collection but designed to be a centerpiece within our home. Playing our favourite vinyl records has brought comfort and warmth in uncertain times.

IMAGE > Richard Habgood, <em>Scaled Tambour Record Stand</em>, 2021, Victorian ash hardwood, bracing ply, pine ply, recycled blind fabric, reclaimed pine, recycled glass and aerosol, 92 x 106 x 45 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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As a carpenter I am used to building spaces and creating beautiful homes for others. Lockdown has really made me think about my own space and want to make a sanctuary of my own. This inspired me to build my little backyard studio! I now spend a lot of time in my backyard studio painting and making timber sculptures and bespoke furniture pieces. I am really interested in the space between art and design.

My practice has been reinvigorated through the lockdown. It has allowed me to concentrate and refine my ideas (although getting materials has been tough at times).

I am really interested in the space between art and design.

I've always been inspired by Victorian terrace houses. The intricate design features were much more considered than today's.

The living room is my favourite room at home as it is a shared space. I created this record stand as a centerpiece for a living room, to bring people together.

After studying fine art I completed my carpentry apprentice and had a bit of a hiatus from painting. Lockdown has helped me pick up the brush. My current favourite design object is a painting that I recently did of a campfire scene with people sitting around a fire - something that I wish we could be doing right now.

My recipe...
Step 1 - grab a cold beer
Step 2 - crack it open
Step 3 - enjoy!

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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Designers on your doorstep

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