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Jasmine Grace

In constant motion, these mesmerising pieces reflect the fluctuating nature of life itself and humanity’s ability to embrace its unpredictable nature. This collection embodies the shifting patterns and cycles that enable us to continuously grow and evolve, despite the unforeseen circumstances that come our way. Light and darkness existing together, without one it is hard to value the other. Lenticular layers cause illusionary 3D visual shifts and changes from various viewing angles. This work transitions through approximately 50 changing colour palettes and can be viewed in both light and dark environments. These wall hanging works have been designed to be placed as a feature in the home and have a dynamic range of modes to suit your mood and transform the atmosphere of your living space. With modes that are animated and lively to subtle and calming, the work can adapt to your chosen environment. My hope is that these works are a reminder that a changing landscape can also be beautiful. May these pieces bring strength and encouragement to those who own them.  

IMAGE > Jasmine Grace, <em>Ebb and Flow vertical</em>, 2021, lenticular film, acrylic, LEDs and custom electronics, 30 x 40 x 2 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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I guess lockdown has lead me towards wanting to design more works that are suited to the home, which I hadn’t really considered prior. But when most of your life is spent at home you find yourself looking for new ways to feed that need for visual and sensory stimulation and often that comes in the form of inspiring decor but with my works I also want to add an extra layer and bring a real sense of immersion and wonder when people encounter them. Life can get pretty bland and mundane in lockdown and we all need to keep that child like wonder alive! It’s also made me think more about creating works that are reusable and more sustainable, durable and cost effective in the long run rather than just temporal installations.

Prior to COVID I was more focused on designing installations for events or public commissions but given the current climate I have pivoted a little to include works that I can sell to collectors and the general public - which include these Ebb and Flow light boxes I am showcasing for Design Fringe.

My hope is that these works are a reminder that a changing landscape can also be beautiful

My favourite room at home is probably my bedroom just because it's super cosy and my little aesthetic haven to relax in.

Not sure if it passes as a design object but probably this graphic design print by Nicholas Girling of New York City - I brought it with the dream of one day living there and having done that now it’s a great reminder of chasing your dreams and all that New York represents - courage, perseverance, thinking big and all the fun and colour that comes with living in such a melting pot of cultures.

My go to cocktail is like a Moscow mule with a twist: Vodka, Apple juice (or even cider), Ginger Ale, Lime, Mint and Ice - Super refreshing! Chai spiced apple cider is also a winner in winter.

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Designers on your doorstep

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