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This is not a new understanding or idea for us, however, spending so much time at home in lockdown has really cemented our previous ethos when designing homes – that in order to live comfortably you need enough flexible space at home for the unexpected. This may be working from home, building a cubby indoors on a wet day, a space to push the pram to get a baby to sleep or somewhere to set up a temporary sleeping zone should one person fall ill or visitors/carers come and stay. Having this non programmed space helps future proof a home and gives the occupants dignity and peace of mind.

This thinking is key to French architects Lacaton and Vassal’s work who believe in using the least amount of material to produce the most space whilst bringing in as much daylight as possible.

'good housing is open, open to life and open to enhance freedom, where anyone can do what they need to do.’ Anne Lacaton

In lockdown, with childcare closed, working from home with a 7 month old and 4.5 year old has been very challenging. We tend to tag team a lot between looking after the children and doing work. Work days can now stretch from 6.30am-10.30pm and weekends. Not so good for life/work balance or creativity! On the flip side a whole new world of communication has become integral to the way we work and we have found it makes collaborating with other practices easier.

It is not a new discovery however lockdown has reminded us of how much we love it – the St Kilda Promenade by architects Jackson Clements Burrows. It is such a generous, gentle and uplifting piece of urban design.

Our favourite room in our home is the kitchen because it is the brightest space in the house. Our house is very old and has so many dark rooms!

Our pink and amber Ichendorf Milano glass bottle makes us smile. Things that are slightly extraordinary and joyful are even more important whilst we have been in lockdown.

Our favourite drink is one our friend Luke makes us outside of lockdown times. It never fails to bring laughter and fun to the afternoon – an Aperol Spritz without the soda water!

- Aperol 60ml
- Prosecco 120ml ish
- Ice
- Slice of orange

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artists. St Kilda Foreshore promenade image by architects Jackson Clements Burrows. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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Designers on your doorstep

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