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Dan Bowran

I have been so busy working throughout these lockdowns I’ve not had time to focus on my own projects. Most of my business involves sitting in front of a laptop and talking on zoom. As useful and impressive as this can be, I’m looking forward to getting back to physically working in the studio and with materials.

I’m aware of any great changes at the moment. Perhaps this will change when my next projects emerge.

I’m looking forward to getting back to physically working in the studio and with materials.

A gem I have discovered during lockdown is the Glass Studio at Melbourne Polytechnic just off Chapel Street, which has been a real saviour. The glass course is great fun, with fantastic staff, and students. It’s so great to continue studies and work with people who share this odd passion for glass.

My favourite room in the house is my lounge room. It has a lovely large window which overlooks Carlisle Street and onto the wonderful sunsets of St Kilda Beach.

My Mathmos' Lava Lamp is definitely a favourite design object in my home. They often get tainted as being too psychedelic or kitsch, but never in my eyes. They are in fact a finely tuned, perfectly executed amalgam of chemistry, physics, and lighting design. Endlessly entertaining, meditative, and mesmerising. Its stalwart consistency throughout the decades and our lifetime is surely in the script for the perfect design.

I’m an old school veggie and very used to conjuring up late-night meals after long days in the studio. I generally think of a country rather than a dish and cook in that way. Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, well at least my interpretation of their national cuisines.

A surprisingly successful and somewhat arty way to cook a great meal is to select a colour, red, green, or, yellow for example. Then only add ingredients that match this colour scheme. Not sure why it works but it does, give it a try, and have fun.

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Designers on your doorstep

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