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Marnie Woods 

Home is not always comforting and nurturing. Outside perceptions can show one thing but the reality can be quite different. My ‘Granny’ would be the outside perspective of a home, but what’s actually happening is much more sinister. This represents all the hidden tricks and traps that many people deal with within their home live – both growing up and in everyday adulthood. This piece looks at how home often conjures feelings of family and therefore safety, but that can be a snakes and ladders environment as well. Grandparents are supposed to be comforting, but here you’ve got Grandma cooking up heads for nefarious purposes, which reflects the idea that danger can lurk in any home.

IMAGE > Marnie Woods, Grandma's Home Cooking, 2021, wood, cold porcelain, fabric, wool, string, wire, avocado seed, paper and ink, 30 x 21 x 12 cm
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I am in Preston which doesn’t have much natural beauty at all but during my lockdown walks I have been noticing that no matter how many buildings there are nature is always going to fight back.

Nature’s the ultimate designer and there are plants like hidden gems—If you look hard enough there will be beauty in even small inconsequential places. I love to look at bugs, undergrowth, moss – there’s a lot to see . I am inspired by miniatures!

It’s made my process a bit different - usually I would draw inspiration from the things around me, and now I am drawing inspiration from the lack of things around me.

I’ve had to scavenge materials on my designated walking time whereas previously I’d work with a mixture of found items from trees and grasses as well as store bought supplies.

I’ve been able to use up art supplies that I’ve been hoarding for a while, which is good! Normally I save these materials for a rainy day, but the rainy day is here.

A mural on a building opposite Northcote Plaza - it’s in an unusual place but its beauty makes a person feel happy. It’s in an ugly car park that’s been transformed by this gorgeous mural. Being starved for beauty in this time, this art comes as a much needed break from the drudgery of necessary item gathering.

I live in a small place so don’t really have a favourite room but something I’ve noticed during lockdown is this particular door in my neighbourhood.

I love the fact that the door is not new – it’s weathered and that’s why its beautiful – rather than being shiny and fake. Reminds me that there is beauty in uncommon places

I dont like touching pots, pans and anything wet that’s crockery – i don’t really enjoy the process of cooking so much.

A simple meal I have been enjoying is cold chicken and capsicum and garlic dip for lunch – a picnic at home ! : D

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