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Michael Wright

With a growing population and move towards smaller living spaces, I am interested in multifunctional furniture, to improve on efficiency without compromising on aesthetic appeal. L.O.C.T is the perfect piece to suit large or small homes. The multifunctional piece triples as a light, ottoman and coffee table. Amber light fills the home, tunnelled through the perforated ‘brickwork’ pattern, handcrafted with layers of Victorian Ash panels. Maximum comfort ensues from the woollen, cushioned top to absorb those sore legs after a hard day's work. Lift the cushion to reveal a tabletop to rest a morning coffee or nightcap as the ottoman top doubles as a comfy floor seat. There is no place like home, and with L.O.C.T, home is where you want to be.

IMAGE > Michael Wright, <em>L.O.C.T</em>, 2021, Victorian ash and wool cushion, 48 x 60 x 60 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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My approach to design is to make the best use of any space and come up with ideas to assist with every day living. In these COVID times, the home is more than just home; it is also a school and a studio/workspace. Recently, I have been inspired to work with the limitations life has presented by designing furniture with multifunctional use for all the family.

My practice is ever-evolving, as I am and as life is. I allow limitations and unexpected challenges to be my guide and to push me towards innovative ideas. For example, spending the amount of time at home, as I have lately, has furthered my passion for upcycling, where materials have been harder to source.

I am interested in multifunctional furniture, to improve efficiency without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

I love my morning walk around the Maribyrnong, where I have come to appreciate the Afton Street footbridge. The gentle sway and bounce breathe life into the cable-stay main span, steel girders and timber handrails. However, the Afton Street footbridge offers more than just an appreciation for good old engineering; it literally bridges the distance between my friends and me as a place to meet.

My favourite room in my home is the dining area in a three-bedroom apartment shared with my partner and two kids. This room has many personalities. Sometimes it is a dance studio. The next day it is a workshop. Most days, it is room to share a meal and story, but every day, the room is host to generations of photos and memorabilia displayed on a 1920s sideboard and mirror.

Although not a contemporary design, my favourite object in my home is the 1920s sideboard and mirror that my best mate’s mother gifted me. Knowing my love for beautiful furniture, she passed it down to me rather than it remaining a family heirloom, although I will cherish it as such. I am fond of its curves, particularly the round mirror, a perfect host for family memories and photos.

My needs are simple, but my Sasparilla fix is not easy to come by and not any Sasparilla will do. However, I have found the perfect drop to soothe my nostalgic taste buds, and it can only be located in Echuca. Considering this is not in my 10km, I am thankful Australia made 'Billson's' deliver. Served over ice with soda water, and I'm a happy boy.

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

Designers on your doorstep

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