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From my Stone Puzzles sculptural work came the idea to make holders for home use. Using vintage glassware collected for the thought holders (ongoing), and hand moulded stone material, the thought holders are made to be used practically for holding leaves, feathers, flowers, pens, notes or just thoughts. The hand pigmented stone material is hard and crush resistant to 10,000lbs. The inserts are vintage glass receptacles and test tubes. These can be removed and washed if needed. Each piece is stamped underneath with a word or thought in letter press, reminding the owner of the thought or emotion intended. The vintage nature of the glass pieces spoke about what they had seen, how they had been used and how they passed through many hands. The stones I have made hold them, celebrate their existence, anchor their new use and they become useful again. The notion of being able to hold a thought instead of flowers for example, propelled me to value this collection of small designed sculptures as something to use in the home, to evoke useful yet encouraging thoughts and feelings.

IMAGE > Jo Lane, Thought Holders, 2021, vintage glasses and infused hydrostone, dimensions variable. Image courtesy of the artist.
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For some reason the ‘comfort’ has come in to my appeal palette for design. Not necessarily for use but even for visual comfort.

My practice seems to always be a reflection of my thought processing. During lockdown I was definitely aware of looking after my mind, I have found my works are reflecting things like ‘whole’ and ‘round’, ‘soft’ and ‘holding’.

I have discovered a gem in my local neighbourhood. It is a small park I had never been to before! Having the time – the time – to just wander I discovered an area made just for meandering – and the birds and the trees just seem to be on their own planet there.

Each piece is stamped underneath with a word or thought in letter press, reminding the owner of the thought or emotion intended. 

My favourite room is our living room, we designed and built our own house and knew exactly where light played its part. Northern light streams in one way, and the southern side has a view. There is a concrete fireplace at one end to warm us in winter and a kitchen at the other end to cook our nourishment.

My favourite design object, and yes I see it as an object, is my Featherston chair, I was my Mum and Dad’s. Apparently Mum recovered it in this blue, I love the colour and do not remember it with any other fabric. It was in our ‘dinette’ (off the kitchen) growing up. I bought it from my family. It is like a beacon of memory and contrast.

A Samoan taught me this: Smash up a soft banana, add some self raising flour, a bit of milk and honey or sugar, mix to a batter. Use as a pancake mixture and make loads of small hot pancakes in a fry-pan. On the plate add some more butter and maple syrup - YUM.

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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