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Nae Tanakorn

A home for many people these days refers to a smaller space than how it used to be. An increasing population has lead to high density living in many cities around the world, with land and space becoming more of a luxury rather than a necessity. The Haute nested occasional table takes into consideration the requirements of maximising space in a home and still manages to create a sense of warmth and luxury through its design. The stackable design of the nested tables means less space is required and when needed it can be separated to extend its functionality. The pronounced outer edge is influenced by the color gradient of a maidenhair leaf. High contrast grains of walnut veneer resemble delicate movements of the lines on the maidenhair leaf, whilst the thin shadow line that runs along the length of the leg resembles the thin black stems. This gives an illusion of a slim silhouette of the legs.

IMAGE > Nae Tanakorn, <em>Haute,</em> 2021, flexi-ply pine and American walnut, 60 x 39 x 39 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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Spending a lot of time at home, my design focus has shifted towards residential rather than commercial design spaces and objects. Now considering even more user friendly ergonomics, lightweight materials and uplifting colours when it comes designing for more residential type spaces. As I live in an outer suburban area, the design focus is also now more influenced by nature and my surroundings. It's amazing how I have learnt to appreciate the details in nature that is around me every day that can influence and shape my design language.

As I have a small workshop and studio at home, I am fortunate enough to continue my work whenever I need to. I now have to spend less time having to travel into the city so I can allocate more time in the workshop at home and have more flexibility as to when I work on my designs.

The local playgrounds actually have some well considered and functional designs when it comes to seating and equipment. Everything serves a distinct purpose but also well considered when it comes to design. Some brutalist concrete seating and colourful play equipment has been inspirational and can sometimes seem juxtaposed against an organic natural setting. The contrast is always interesting.

My favourite room in my home is my living room.

My favorite room is the living room area in my home. This space is open plan and is a flexible space that allows many options when it comes to incorporating design pieces and furniture. The space connects the living to the kitchen as well as the dining area, creating a central social hub in the home and the perfect space for socialising or relaxing. This space feels warm and welcoming.

My favorite design object is the vintage lounge chair in my living room. It was purchased online from ebay in a set of two and has a timeless profile and structure that I appreciate. This type of design can suit almost any space and sits just as well next to a modern piece of furniture as it does amongst vintage pieces. It is very ergonomic, comfortable and sturdy with a solid teak frame and still in its original upholstery which is great condition for it's age.

As I dont drink alcohol, I have become an expert at making smoothies and mocktails to keep refreshed and hydrated.

I like to mix a crisp sparkling mineral water with grapefruit juice, rosewater and fresh mint over ice, Great refreshing drink anytime of the day (and no hangover!).

IMAGES [Top to bottom] > All images courtesy of the artist. Recipe image source: unsplash.

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Designers on your doorstep

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