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Kitty Calvert

IMAGE > Kitty Calvert featuring Josh Callaghan, <em>Arm Chair,</em> 2021, Australian hardwood, fibreglass, various finishes and acrylic paint, 120 x 95 x 45 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
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We have spent such a lot of time in our home and community during lockdown. During this time, the importance of the comfort and security of 'home" has felt even more important than it did when we spent more time out of the house. Enjoying our living space from this perspective as well as from a design and style perspective has been a part of this change.

Our practise is assemblage sculpture and we work from a studio at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park. Our studio has been closed for all of lockdown and we do not have the space or facility to work from our home. So our focus has been in other areas of our life.

The inspiration for Kitty Calvert's comes from a love of vintage and a desire to re-use and recycle unique pieces of discarded treasure.

Something we have loved and looked forward to during lockdown has been our daily morning walk along Sandridge Beach in the direction of Webb Dock. Towards the end of the trail there is Sandridge Lookout. Conceived as a sculptural element in the Port Melbourne landscape, the lookout includes an observation platform and tower. The tower has an angular form rising from a native dunescape. On windy days the ballustrade's profiled blades lightly (or strongly depending on the level of wind) reverberate to produce an ethereal soundscape. It is a wonderful place to view the bay and sometimes we crank up the music and dance there.

We live in an old wooden church, built in 1885, which we renovated to become our home in 2001. We live mainly in what was the original church hall. When we first bought the building we were advised by pretty much everyone to pull down everything but the facade and build behind. But we fought to use the main building, and keep it in as close to it's original state as possible. We love the fact that this feels like a building that is full of love, the height of the ceilings, the light that comes through the stained glass windows and the feeling of history that surrounds us.

Because of the age of the home we live in, our design style tends to lean towards the love of vintage pieces. One of the most special pieces in our home is this clock, if you look closely it is made in the shape of a drum. Mr Kitty is a drummer, hence the relevance of this clock. And if you look even closer you can see that the clock is actually a vintage piece of alcohol advertising from the Calvert Distillers Corp. NYC - hence the connection with Kitty Calvert.

I guess Kitty Calvert aka Julia and Phill would be most well known by their friends for their Margarita cocktails.

Ours use Fresh Limes, Silver Tequila and Cointreau. A bottle of Tajin a Mexican spice is also good for edging the the rim of the glass, otherwise salt.

When our Meyer Lemon tree is producing though, the Lemons from that make equally delicious ones. Cut the limes or lemons, rim the glasses.

Mix is 1 part lime or lemon, 1 part Cointreau and 2 parts tequila. Shake with ice and pour into glasses.


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Designers on your doorstep

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