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Lauren Haynes

The Desert Pea Chair was inspired by the idea of bringing people together in a space or room. The design was inspired by Verner Pantons Visiona installation in 1970 which entailed a room of many curves and colours and emotions. I believe a home is a place you go to cater to your many emotions and unpack your day.

IMAGE > Lauren Haynes, <em>Desert Pea Chair</em>, 2021, polyurethane foam, wool, wool blend fabric upholstery, 68&nbsp;x 110&nbsp;x 65&nbsp;cm. Image courtesy of
the artist.
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I have completely re-thought the end purpose for my designs and how they fit comfortably inside the home or outside in the backyard. As we now are putting more energy into our home-spaces it felt natural to focus on comfort and playfulness to spark optimism. As I have not been home to WA for almost two years now I have brought in a nostalgic element in my choices of colour and texture to remind me of home.

I spend a lot more time doing research, drawing, modelling on computers and liaising with fabricators over the phone and email from my dining room table so it has definitely impacted positively on that side of my practice.

I believe a home is a place you go to cater to your many emotions and unpack your day.

I am always discovering new design gems in the gardens around the neighbourhoods. They are so inspiring with their colour palettes, textures and forms. Gardens can be so architectural with their levels, forms and masses, the more you look the more you notice and are inspired by them.

I love the front window of the house in the lounge-room, where I can sit on a prototype chair of mine and look out at the yard. The same view from the dining table or my 'office' where I work from daily is also great and I am always distracted by it.

I love all of the furniture I have collected and made but this humble little arc was the first thing I made in university that excited me. It represents an exploratory time and it time-stamps my venture more seriously into furniture design.

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Designers on your doorstep

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